The school has a dedicated team in Student Support Services and their responsibilities include monitoring attendance, monitoring behaviour and addressing the wellbeing issues of students.


The Djarragun Way

Treat all students, staff and school property with respect.

Attend all classes on time and ready to learn.

Be responsible for your behaviour and accept the consequences of your actions.

Wear the Djarragun uniform with pride and do your best.

Be safe, keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Accept and value individual difference.


Home Phone Calls

Home phone calls are made on a regular basis to maintain contact with families and ensure that students are engaged in school life.

Behaviour Monitoring

There are consequences for students who break the school rules. The school has a responsible behavior plan for students that defines the school's behaviour expectations. A key aspect of the team’s role at school is behaviour management and implementation of the behaviour management plan. The team support students with personal problems or issues and has the tools and resources to monitor and manage a student’s behaviour.

Students come to school to learn. Behaviour support represents an important opportunity for learning how to get along with others. Our preferred way of re-directing low-level problem behaviour is to highlight the consequences of continuing along this path and encourage the student to reflect on how their behaviour could be modified, so as to align with the expectations of our school community.


The school has a member of the Student Services team who is also employed as School Chaplain.

Wellbeing Support

As part of D Health, our health and wellbeing facility, students have access to a clinical psychologist to support his/her emotional and wellbeing concerns, as well as doctors and a nurse. The school also utilises the support of outside agencies for example Wuchopperen, Mind Matters and Birdwings and other visiting health professionals, such as hearing specialists and speech pathologists. 

Attendance Monitoring

There are many aspects to the role of the Student Support Services team. The school has engagement officers who work with individual students to increase attendance and engagement. All members of the team collaborate with families, build relationships with the school and teachers in order to develop plans for support for the students and families.  Regular attendance enhances student progress and behaviour.

Another key role for the team is monitoring absentees and collectively working with QLD Police and community supports to reduce truancy and anti-social behaviour.