User Accounts


To reduce the risk of unintentional changes to the account Squarespace allows the creation of different types of users called "contributors" with access to make different types of changes. You can assign one of more of the following permissions to each contributor.

  • Administrators - Use this for the website owner, IT department, or developers and designers. Administrators are allowed to make all changes like payments, add/remove pages, etc.
  • Content Editors - This is ideal for people that only need to make changes to the content. For example add a link, change an image, or update some text.
  • Billing - This type of user can update payment details.
  • Reporting - For anyone that needs access to analytics on the page. This is information like the number of visits, popular pages, and other.

Steps for common tasks are


Each site has one owner. The owner can make any changes to the website and invite contributors.