Forms & News Section

Add a new document

  1. In the administrative page select Pages from the left menu
  2. Scroll down the left menu and press the Forms or News item
  3. Move the mouse over the content and a menu will appear
  4. Select the EDIT option from the menu
  5. Place the cursor at the end of one of the lines and type the name of the document with (PDF) at the end (this is just like adding a line to a list in a Word document
  6. Select the text you added (without selecting the (PDF) text)
  7. Press the link button (looks like a chain right next to the Italics button)
  8. Press the New File button
  9. Press the Add a file button
  10. Select the file to upload from your computer
  11. Press anywhere on the document, but outside of the pop-up that allows you to select the file
  12. Press the SAVE button on the top left of the page
  13. Open a new browser in Private or Incognito mode and navigate to the site and test your changes