1. Expression of Interest - Complete the online expression of interest form.

  2. Application - Download the application below. The application must be filled by the parent or guardian and returned to the school via post, fax, or email (see mail, fax, and address).

  3. Interview - The College will consider the application and contact the parent or guardian to arrange an interview with the parent or guardian and the student. At the interview, the parent or guardian will be required to bring the student’s birth certificate and academic history, and any other materials relevant to the student’s past and future performance.

  4. Agreement - If a student is accepted, the parent and guardian and the College finalise the enrolment agreement.

Supporting documentation

The following should be provided with your enrolment application form.:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Health Care Card

  • Medicare Card

  • Immunisation records

  • NAPLAN results (if applicable)

  • Report cards


School Fees

Djarragun College re-introduced school fees in 2019, these fees have been approved by the College Board and reflect the costs that parents have previously paid for school resources at the College.

Parents can choose between the two levels of school fees and this reflects a difference in what is provided for each student. School fees be we capped at two children per family with every child after the second child is FREE OF CHARGE.