The Djarragun Way

Treat all students, staff and school property with respect.

Attend all classes on time and ready to learn.

Be responsible for your behaviour and accept the consequences of your actions.

Wear the Djarragun uniform with pride and do your best.

Be safe, keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Accept and value individual difference.

Our Promise to Families

Djarragun College will support every student completing Year 12 to identify and embark on their preferred pathway in education, training or employment, backed by the full resources of Cape York Partnership.

Attain a QCE or VET Qualification in order to secure university entrance and/or further education and/or employment.

Demonstrate job readiness skills and have a direction for paid employment.

Will be strong and proud Indigenous Australians, with deep knowledge of and connection to country and culture.



"An excellent education is the foundation for a great life. This simple statement underpins everything we do here at Djarragun College."

Kathryn Todd (Principal)



To be the school of choice for students, parents and communities in Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands.



To develop proud, strong, educated Indigenous men and women, who walk confidently in two worlds, to be leaders, and to be role models for their families and communities.

Our Values

High expectations and no excuses

Raise the bar on learning and aim for mastery

Learning time is preciouS

There are no shortcuts to success

Personal responsibility

Each person is accountable for their actions

Respect others and assign yourself

Self-discipline and commitment will ensure achievement

Creating pathways for every student

No student left behind. No student held back


Our facilities are used to provide a broad mix of academic, sporting, cultural, artistic and technical courses and subjects.
The school has a dedicated team in Student Support Services and their responsibilities include monitoring attendance, monitoring behaviour and addressing the wellbeing issues of students.

Djarragun College has developed a multidisciplinary health and wellbeing centre, D Health, designed to support its students, their families and the staff. Doctors, psychologists, case managers, speech therapists and nurses provide onsite services. We also offer referrals to external services such as optometry, dental and audiology. Comprehensive multidisciplinary solutions enable students to build internal and external resources required to succeed. By extending these services to the families and staff we can also support the broader Djarragun College community. Djarragun College views the provision of multidisciplinary health and wellbeing services as core to business.

Health and Education are critically linked and D Health enables us to provide a comprehensive support plan that considers the health and learning needs of our students. This service is unique to Djarragun College. In addition to the medical services, D Health oversees the development of a health and wellbeing education framework that is embedded into curriculum of the College.


Sports Academy


Students in Years 5-12 at Djarragun College are offered the opportunity to participate in a Sports Academy program in order to promote health & wellbeing, improve school attendance, educational and behavioural outcomes.

Primary and Secondary students select from a range of programs and sporting activities including but not limited to:

  • AFL
  • athletics
  • netball, and
  • touch football
  • rugby league
  • strength and conditioning training
  • swimming
  • volleyball
  • basketball

We also provide transportation for our students.