2019 Djarragun College Scholarships

The Scholarships are funded by the generous support of the Djarragun College Board. The scholarships seek to offer places to students who will contribute to the richness and diversity of the College community.


Djarragun College shares the Cape York Partnership vision for children to achieve their full potential, talent and creativity and have the confidence and capacity for hard work so they can orbit between two worlds and enjoy the best of both.

We aim to develop a holistic knowledge about each of our student’s academic ability and physical health and wellbeing to be able to fully support each of them onto a successful future life pathway.

We recognise the traditional owners of Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands and pay our respects to our elders, past and present.


Our College

The school of choice for students, parents and communities in Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands with world-class facilities and unique health and wellbeing support services for every student.



No student left behind, no student held back is our motto and our learning programs are based on best practice and individual student needs and aspirations.    



A home away from home, our boarding students enjoy and are supported by a culture of family and a wide range of extra-curricular activities that lead to healthy lifestyle choices.