150326-3183The school has a dedicated team in Student Services and their responsibilities include monitoring attendance, monitoring behaviour and addressing the wellbeing issues of students.

Home phone calls are made on a regular basis to maintain contact with families and ensure that students are engaged in school life.  The school has an enrolment and attendance policy that define the school’s expectations.  The school has an illicit drugs policy and a responsible behaviour plan for students, which is under regular review by the school leadership team and Student Services.

There are consequences for students who break the school rules.  We will not tolerate acts of violence or bullying.  Students come to school to learn.  Behaviour support represents an important opportunity for learning how to get along with others.  Our preferred way of re-directing low-level problem behaviour is to highlight the consequences of continuing along this path and encourage the student to reflect on how their behaviour could be modified so as to align with the expectations of our school community.   The Student Services team monitors attendance through telephone calls, home visits and correspondence with home.  Regular attendance enhances student progress and behaviour.   Attendance Monitoring Cards encourage students to be active participants in managing their attendance through a positive consequence approach

A Values Education program runs every day for 20 minutes at the start of the school day to develop resilient students, to set students up well for the day ahead and to alert staff to any wellbeing concerns.

The school has a clinical psychologist to support the emotional and mental health concerns of our students and the school utilises the support of outside agencies for example Wuchopperen, Mind Matters and Birdwings and other visiting health professionals.

The school has a full time member of the Student Services team who is also employed as school chaplain and pastor in boarding.  Chapel is held once a week in Boarding and students attend a church service on the weekend.

We also have a careers guidance officer to support and guide our senior students, ensuring that they are on track with their careers when they graduate from the College.  Our Year 11 and 12 students regularly get the opportunity to visit universities in the area to get a feel for ‘uni life’ and get a taster of what university has to offer.