150330-1822Every school day from 3.10pm until 5pm we run our Club and Culture program. The purpose of our Club and Culture Program is to offer students a well rounded program in areas of sport, fitness, life skills and recreation.  For the first 15 minutes, students have a break from their school day; they enjoy a piece of fruit and have a drink.


The college also offers a range of co-curricular activities that are based on indigenous culture (dance, music and art) as well as other co-curricular activities that include bush walking, swimming, AFL, beach volley ball, art, board games, creative dancing, indigenous dancing, hip-hop, Zumba and a homework program.  One of our Teacher Aides is always available in the library during Club and Culture to do tutorials, homework or catch-ups, which is especially important for our Year 12 students about to graduate.


All our boarders participate in the Club and Culture program and any of our day students that wish to stay at school for the extended school day are safely transported home afterwards.


The College prides itself on its cultural program.  The program honours and values the cultural backgrounds of its indigenous students. There is a cultural dance program timetabled each week; the school’s students participate in the Laura Festival, at local community events including the Pyramid Race; and the Journey to Recognition March and i20 Summit in Cairns.

Recent funding has enabled the school to engage indigenous art and dance tutors to further develop the students’ knowledge of their cultural backgrounds and stories.  Significant resources will be used to purchase 150330-1553equipment, resources and costumes to enhance this program.

A culturally inclusive curriculum is evident across the school, Prep to Year 12.