150326-3280The facilities and grounds are aesthetically very pleasing due to the extensive grounds heavily planted with trees and gardens.

Djarragun College differs from many other schools in that it is a P-12 school that does not specialise in either technical or academic outcomes.  Rather, a wide variety of facilities is offered including: sports ground and pavilions, automotive and construction workshops, art studio, science laboratories, recording studio, and Wilderness Centre.  These facilities are used to provide a broad mix of academic, sporting, cultural, artistic and technical courses and subjects.IMG_0151

Whilst there are expansive sports grounds on the premises, there are also undercover, well ventilated and shaded sports pavilions to allow for wet season and summer sporting activities.

The College’s buildings were compared with the Commonwealth global area standards, which are 7 square metres per primary student and 11 square metres per student for secondary students. The College’s functional area per student is 12.52 square metres and 32.44 square metres respectively.


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Djarragun Wilderness Centre

Wilderness Accomm

The Wilderness Centre is located on the bank of the Mulgrave River, in the Goldsborough Valley and provides for a stimulating alternative learning environment. The College is very fortunate to have a Wilderness Centre for its outdoor education and leadership training programs – very few schools have such an outstanding facility within 40 minutes of the main school site.

The centre has been developed to include dormitory style accommodation and a commercial kitchen. The Centre has a large indoor activity hall, but its key attraction is the outdoor education options. In addition to large onsite camping and field based activity space, the proximity to the Mulgrave River provides water based recreation options like kayaking and rafting. There are also more secluded areas of the property for relaxation and walks.

The Wilderness Centre is used to conduct cultural lessons and both student leadership and year camps and provides an alternative setting for learning in the outdoors.

Please contact the College if you are interested in renting the facilities.

Djarragun College Wilderness Centre Fee Schedule

WC Booking Form 2016

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